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With no further introduction, let us present most important parts of our history of Metal Machine ready to blast You with powerful, yet intelligent dose of sonic destruction.

2007 - the year of first rehearsals under Manslaughter’s name, carried by Carrion and Mary

2008 - Grall joins the band. Debut material is written and pre-recorded in Long Train Studios, Sopot for our own purposes. Still seeking vocalist and bass playa.

2009 - With Ponchek and Sinner we unite as Manslaughter known today. Recording sessions starts in the month of June. We record drums at Monroe Studios with Aro from Shadows Land as a producer and thus recording of debut CD Prelude to Sonic Destruction becomes a fact. It’s also the time of our first gigs.

2010 - 29th of September is the release date of Manslaughter’s debut album “Prelude to Sonic Destruction”. The band crushes scenes with Frontside, Totem, Access Denied and others. Manslaughter starts promotion of it’s LP and in the meantime composes completely new musical material, to be released on their second album.

2011 - Band prepares themselves fot the recording session of “Earthborn Daemon” scheduled for late autumn. Manslaughter plays live and seeks new forms of promotion in Poland and outside it’s borders. Manslaughter’s “Sentenced to Serve” track appears on Deathicism of Murder compilation CD

2012 - Manslaughter once again enters Monroe Sound Studios to record “Earthborn Daemon” album. Recording session takes place in January, mixes and mastering on the following month.
April this Year Manslaughter leaves to conquer european stages of Lithuania. Band welcomes new bassist Sadam, who is now the official succesor of former bassist Ponchek. During final months of the year, Manslaughter signs a record deal with German Legacy Records.

2013 – “Earthborn Daemon” is officially unleashed on 1st of February 2013. Manslaughter increases the number of played gigs starting with tour with brazilian Desecrated Sphere at the very beginning of the year.


2010-09-27 – Prelude to Sonic Destruction CD (Tone Shot self release – digipack)
2013-01-15 – Earthborn Daemon CD (Legacy Records / DE)

2011 – Deathicism… of Murder compilation vol. 1 – track “Sentenced to Serve”
2013 – 3miasto Rock & Metal Split – tracks  “Earthborn Daemon” & “Declaration”

Carrion – 6-string slashing
Grall – guitar fury, fx, backing voices
Mary – drums of hell
Sinner – lead throat
Sadam – bass drills


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